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Make a habit out of winding your automatic watch

19 Sep 2016, Posted by webadmin in Blog

Make a habit out of winding your automatic watch every day before you strap it. This wil ensure maximum accuracy.

We advise you to mind the following guidelines:

1. Wind the watch off your wrist to minimize pressure on the winding stem. It’s best to wind an automatic watch by turning the crown clockwise approximately 20-30 times. This will keep the mainspring tight and the watch running at its optimal performance.

2. Don’t overwind. Stop when you feel resistance. You cannot over-wind an automatic watch. Modern automatic watches are constructed to protect against this risk.

3. Make a habit out of winding your watch every day before you strap it on.

An automatic watch is without a doubt one of the world’s smallest and most complicated mechanical objects, but also one of the most reliable personal devices one can own.

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