Custom made watches

We can also create and develop from scratch an entirely custom made watch for you. Watch Branding designs, advises and manufactures. Our team consists of experienced and passionate watch designers and developers that know everything there is to know about watches and current trends. As an independent company we have full access to a worldwide network in both Switzerland and Asia and can therefore produce private label watches as well as complementary watch boxes, displays and carrier bags at every price level, always providing you with an unequalled high-end level of quality.

• Minimum quantity: 500 pieces per model.
• Delivery time:
• Mood board: 30 days
• Technical drawing: 10- 20 days
• Sample lead time: 40 days
• Mass production 80 days
• Production and testing: 20 days


Watch Branding offers a wide variety of high-quality watch straps to complement any watch design. We offer a wide range of watchstrap materials (genuine leather, rubber, nylon and solid stainless steel), measurements, colors and patterns as well as various types of buckles (standard, butterfly and deployment), always keeping up with the latest styles and trends. To ensure the highest level of quality Watch Branding works with mostly German and Italian watchstrap manufacturing companies, renowned for their craftmanship.

• Minimum quantity: 30 pieces per model.
• Delivery time: 10 weeks.

Packaging, Display and Carrier bags

To make an indelible impression the perfect presentation of your watch is at least as important as the timepiece itself. As a unique service Watch Branding can also offer you custom made watch boxes, displays and carrier bags made from exquisite materials to present your watch.
You can choose a watch box of top-quality wood or robust cardboard, clad in printed paper or imitation leather, all in an endless variety of shapes and colors.
Keeping the manufacturing of your watch and watch box in one hand ensures you that your watch box will be perfectly tailored to your watch, brand image and your individual design specifications. After all, every top-end product deserves a top-end presentation and every strong brand a strong image.
Besides watch boxes, displays and carrier bags we can also deliver custom made user manuals and guarantee cards.


The first and most important step is to give us as much information as possible about the direction of style which you are pursuing (a ‘mood board’). A good and detailed briefing will enable us to discuss all requirements and to present all possible options and prices.


In consultation with you our team of renowned designers we will make the first drawings and concepts based on your wishes and technical requirements. In this creative process we will together, as partners, design the ultimate watch for your brand and target group.

Technical development and prototyping

If the designs meet your wishes they are ready for technical development and prototyping. Our technical department will now translate the creative process into technical drawings for each individual watch component. After this the first prototype will be manufactured, an exciting moment!

Production & Logistics

After the creation and adaptation of the prototypes, the actual manufacturing of the watch can now begin..
Finally we will take care of the worldwide distribution of your watches and accessoires.